State authorities during the state of emergency caused by the Covid-19 virus epidemic

State authorities during the state of emergency caused by the Covid-19 virus epidemic

Due to the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus and the state of emergency, the Ministry of Justice has issued a recommendation proposing that all hearings be adjourned, except for urgent hearings.

The High Judicial Council decision determines which cases are urgent:

1. Criminal Matter

• in which custody is ordered or detained;

• for the criminal offenses referred to in Art. 235, 245 and 249 of the Criminal Code;

• for juvenile offenders or in which the juvenile has been a victim in connection with crimes against sexual liberty under Chapter XVIII of the Criminal Code;

• relating to domestic violence;

• where there is a risk of obsolescence;

• for offenses committed during or in connection with an emergency.

2. Civil law matter

• in which interim measures are decided (designation, extension or termination);

• Deciding on measures to protect against domestic violence;

• deciding not to disperse the press and disseminate information in the media;

• deciding of retaining a person in a healthcare facility that performs activities in the field of neuropsychiatry;

• execution of executive documents relating to family relations;

Access to case files is limited to those items whose hearings will be held. The issuance of a certificate is also restricted - the party must prove that the issuance of the certificate is necessary.

All notary public offices in Serbia work part-time, from 9 am to 3 pm, in accordance with the new recommendations of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia in the state of emergency due to the epidemic situation in the country. Notaries are also advised to postpone all hearings relating to the drawing up of a death certificate, debating legacies and other non-contentious proceedings entrusted to them, involving direct contact with the parties, and to postpone any hearings already scheduled.

The Ministry recommended that the Chamber of Public Enforcement Agents issue, among other things, instructions for delaying enforcement proceedings.

As for other state bodies, the counters of state and local authorities are closed. Some are enabled to access online (via e-portal) or email, while others are still working on this option.