Company formation

Serbia is one of few countries with the lowest corporate income tax in Europe. Together with its exceptionally favorable geographic location, it has highly qualified workforce and wide-known IT experts. Operate within one of Serbian free zones, enjoy competitive operating costs, duty-free regime for most of the key industrial products, and open your way to new markets for your company.

Company formation services

The most suitable legal form for setting up business in Serbia is a limited liability company (d.o.o.) which corresponds to the form of limited liability partnership (LLP) by its structure. It can have one or more founders who join both their capital and resources, whereas the liability is limited to the founding capital of the company. Also, a company can have one or more directors, which offers the opportunity to manage the new business competently and efficiently. According to Serbian legislation, foreign citizens have equal legal conditions for company formation in Serbia. In addition, the minimum amount of founding capital for company registration in Serbia is less than 1 €. The company's address can be anywhere on the territory of Serbia, which opens numerous opportunities for investment and development. The whole process of establishing a company in Serbia can be carried out in just a few days with the professional guidance and coordination of all necessary legal steps.

We are at your disposal for all that is necessary for the company registration in Serbia and successful business setup. We create and prepare all necessary documentation in accordance with Serbian regulations, organize certification with the notary, conduct the entire process of registering the company, provide adequate tax consulting, obtain company stamp, open bank account without going to the bank, and if necessary, we keep your books in line with the best bookkeeping practices.

Our services are intended for foreign citizens who need fast, professional and efficient company formation in Serbia. We have covered all aspects of successful business setup with a unique opportunity to finish everything in one place. With professional legal support, shortening procedures and professional mediation, we save you time, energy and money and provide you with a focus on developing your business, while we are performing all necessary administrative tasks for you. From the first day you can do business professionally because our law office provides you with all the necessary support.

We also provide consultation services related to the company tax reliefs, investment incentives and other matters relevant to your business.


Company formation - 380 EUR

Includes full service:
- drafting a Power for attorney (POA)
- drafting a bilingual founding act
- organizing the notarization of the signatures
- finding you a favorably accounting services
- filling and submitting required tax paperwork
- acquiring an office stamp

The foundation procedure requires payment of 55 EUR of administrative tax.

Translation of documents by a certified translator costs 10 EUR per page.

Optional - HQ address - Virtual office - 50 EUR per month – discount for a longer period of time.

If you need a permanent address for your company headquarters or until you find the office for your company, our business partners are able to provide you a virtual office service - address for your company and a service of receiving and forwarding mail (scanned or via post).

Virtual offices are available in the following cities: Belgrade, Novi Sad and Subotica.

Optional – quailified electronic signature - 70 EUR

Obtaining a qualified electronic signature for an authorized person – preparation of all required documents with all taxes included

Note: As of 2015, the financial statements of the companies are submitted to the Agency for Business Registers in electronic form provided with a qualified electronic signature of the legal representative.

Accountants fees

The accountant fees are usually between 40 euro and 150 euro, depending on the size of your business and on the workload, but can also significantly surpass that amount if you intend to run a medium or a large size company, or a company with a lot of invoicing and taxation.

Additional legal services

For any additional legal actions a fee of 60 EUR per hour of work is applied or a fixed price depending on the arrangement.

Should you require more aid from us, we can also arrange a monthly flat fee for any kind of legal aid and for our availability and help during working hours.

Time required for the company formation

Our time for the processing of the required documents by our office ranges between 1 and 3 days, depending on the complexity of the given task. The entire procedure of the company formation can be finished within 3 working days after summing up of all the needed paperwork, which is the registrar’s usual processing time.