Commercial and tax law



Company and trade law

Company law as a field of law regulates the legal position of companies and other forms of organization in accordance with the law, and in particular their establishment, management, status changes, changes in legal form, termination and other issues relevant to their position, as well as the legal position of sole proprietors.

Trade law includes rules governing the contractual relations of corporations and other business subjects.

Due to the thorough approach, we are able to establish and perceive legal and tax aspects of business activities of the companies and entrepreneurs, including start-ups.

Full list of services:

Full service for business start-ups: legal aid in choosing the adequate business form in legal, tax and registration sense

• Assitance in finding office space, accounting services to continuous legal aid throughout the life of a company

• Drafting of documents required for registration in the register of Business Registry and other registers

• Establishment of companies in the Business Registry

• Preparation of documents (articles of association) and changes to the subject's Business Registry

• Increase and decrease the initial capital of the company

• Change of seat of companies

• The establishment of branches of companies

• Taking any other legal actions related to status changes of companies

• Merger, acquisition and distribution companies

• Acquisition of shares in companies

• Transformation of Companies

• Legal advice regarding ownership and management rights in the Company

• Legal advice regarding the liquidation of companies

• Legal advice regarding all legal affairs of companies and individuals performing business

• Preparation of legal actions and all kinds of applications in the field of commercial law

• Representation of companies before courts and other authorities of the Republic of Serbia

• Preparation of regular and extraordinary legal remedies in court

• Drafting of all types of commerce agreements

Bankruptcy law

Bankruptcy law regulates the conditions and procedure of initiating and conducting bankruptcy proceedings against legal entities in terms of bankruptcy or reorganization. Bankruptcy in terms of the settlement of the creditors from the value of the entire assets of the bankruptcy debtor or by the profit realized from the sale of the bankruptcy debtor as a legal entity. Reorganization in terms of the settlement of creditors according to the approved reorganization plan, by redefining the debt-trust relations, the status changes of the debtor or in another way provided by the reorganization plan.

Full list of services:

• Drafting of requests for insolvency of companies

• Advising during the bankruptcy proceedings

• Debt restructuring advice

• Representation at the examination hearing and the hearings of the division

• Participation in the work of the committee of creditors

• Representation in bankruptcy proceedings as well as disputes arising from the bankruptcy proceedings

Tax law

Tax law regulates taxes as the basic source of budget financing and instruments of realization of prescribed state jurisdiction and of its units, whose collection is directly dependent on the functioning of the state. The tax system in Republic of Serbia is a subject to frequent changes and reforms, which can present financial institutions and businesses with real challenges, particularly given the active implementation of numerous actions to improve the efficiency of the Tax Administration in detecting non-compliance with tax laws and the collection of established tax liabilities in order to reduce budget deficit. Therefore, the planning of tax liabilities and the management of tax risk relating to business operations is becoming increasingly complex.

Law office Antić has a proactive approach to this field of law, following the latest positions taken in the practice of competent institutions. We are able to offer our clients tax advice in order to optimize business operations, achieve tax savings, and avoid disputes with tax authorities and demanding administration that usually occurs due to frequent changes and varying interpretations of tax regulations.

Full list of services:

• Tax planning

• Compilating and filing tax returns

• Legal advice regarding doing business and signing of contracts with regard in tax implications

• Expropriation, restitution, privatization, construction legalization and similar proceedings

• Tax consulting for individuals and legal entities

• Tax incentives

• The tax treatment of employee benefits and tax optimization of operations

• The tax aspects of restructuring and transformation of business entities

• The tax treatment of foreign investments

• Support in tax audits

• Representation in administrative proceedings and litigation in the administrative disputes with state and local authorities

• Representation in proceedings before the Tax Authority

• Tax consultancy in relation to all tax matters, tax liabilities and tax returns